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SCADA applications encompass a vast range of different types of RTUs and PLCs. UHS’ UltraConnect telemetry communicators support a range of different interfaces to support the various RTUs and PLCs deployed today.

Typical UltraSec telemetry network architecture

These interfaces include:

1) up to three serial (RS.232) ports from the UltraConnect with configurable baud and parity. Each serial port can be configured to map to a TCP/IP port on the UltraConnect’s WAN interfaces (Virtual Terminal Mode), or can act as a PPP or CSLIP peer to the RTU (PPP or CSLIP Relay Mode).

2) XOT (X.21 over TCP) via serial or VF modem

3) Ethernet

Further enhancing deployment flexibility, multiple RTU/PLC connections can be made simultaneously to the one UltraConnect.