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Latest UC-330 release for even easier installation


The latest version of the UC-330 is now even easier to deploy. It now supports High-Speed (Fast) format in addition to ContactID. Furthermore, panel format is automatically detected, which means no configuration is required. The new model is also equipped with an RJ-11 connector used for both the dialer interface and 12V power.


UAWebUI for installer and control room access


Users of UHS equipment can now take advantage of the UAWebUI. This allows installers and control room personnel to securely control bypass relays, view system status and confirm alarm delivery.


UC-330 low-power GPRS communicator


The UC-330 low-power GPRS communicator is now available from UHS. The unit communicates with the control room via GPRS and connects to a panel's ContactID dialer port. It uses a meagre 80mA, so can be easily powered from the local alarm system's 12V auxiliary supply.


Hills acquires 51% of UHS


Diversified Australian company Hills Industries Limited has acquired a 51% controlling interest in UHS.

UHS Managing Director, Mr Ron Johan said that UHS was particularly excited to be joining a team with Hills' strength and depth of experience in the Australian security market. "Becoming part of the Hills group will enable us to maintain strong growth, while still remaining focused on what we do best - delivering innovative solutions to our customers," he said.
Hills Managing Director, Mr Graham Twartz, said "This acquisition is a great fit for our business and continues the rollout of Hillsí strategic plan to build a security business in Australia and New Zealand, that is second to none."


UHS company overview from COO James Barlow


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UC-351G tri-path communicator


The UC-351G tri-path security communicator is the latest security communicator from UHS. Featuring GPRS, IP and PSTN dialup backhaul interfaces, together with ASIAL serial, dial-capture and pin panel interfaces, the UC-351G offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability for your security communications needs.  More>


UHS announces release date for ADSL/3G high availability router modem

UHS has announced the imminent release of its UC-372-3G ADSL/3G gateway modem. The UC-372-3G includes support for ADSL2/2+ and HSDPA 3G within a single gateway modem. Featuring built-in 5-port ethernet switch and stateful packet-inspection firewall, the UC-372-3G is the ideal solution for high availability internet access and other high availability IP access applications. The UC-372-3G will ship from 3Q 2008.


UHS announces high availability telemetry gateway

UHS today announced its high availability telemetry gateway modem, the UC-372-SGE. The UC-372SGE connects to both ADSL2/2+ and GPRS networks and automatically routes traffic from Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) over the available paths. Applications include high-availability SCADA networks and migration of leased line networks to broadband infrastructure. More>