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UHS’ UltraSec network solution provides path-monitored, multi-path security communications for existing and new security installations.
Deploying security communications to meet AS2201.5

UltraSec has been designed to meet the requirements of AS2201.5:2008 Class 4 and Class 5, including
- Polling over single or dual paths to Class 5
- Enclosures with Bilock and Vibration Sensors
- ASIAL Serial Protocol between panel and communicator
- Availability monitoring from network server

Deploying security networks over corporate LANs

UltraSec is an ideal solution for using existing corporate LAN infrastructure to carry your security communications
- Save on phone costs
- DHCP or static IP plans supported
- GPRS backup optional
- Single outgoing port in firewall

Dual-path security communications

The UC-351G and UC-371G communicators combine IP with GPRS wireless security communications to ensure high availability and reduced communications failures.
- Independently polled paths
- Total comms fail event only raised if both paths down

VoIP and security communications

The UC-351G and UC-371G are ideal for applications where customers are removing traditional phone lines and switching to VoIP.
- No more issues sending ContactID over VoIP

Securing Automatic Teller Machines

The UC-351GATM is specifically designed with an integrated 8 zone alarm system and keypad in a small enclosure for ATM applications.

Remote video verification

With the UC-371G and UC-372G communicators, customers can:
- Remotely check live video from a premises
- Remotely check recorded clips associated with alarm events
- Reduce false alarms
- Reduce guard costs