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The UltraVideo web application server enables remote video and control for your customers. By surfing to your website, they can:
- remotely access video from their premises
- remotely control outputs at their premises, for example to open gates or turn on lights
- remotely view their own security events
Live Video

View live video from up to 8 cameras connected to the UltraConnect at the customer premises:
- immediately check premises after security events
- visually check premises security more frequently and more cost effectively than physical guards
- visually verify before remotely allowing access to premises for deliveries

Event Triggered Video

View video clips recorded around any security event.
- video verification to reduce false alarms
- rapidly assess situation for appropriate response

Remote Control

Remotely control outputs on the UltraConnect:
- open gates or doors
- remotely arm or disarm security system
- turn on lights

Check Events

Customers can see their own event history securely and conveniently.